Mark And Chronology

Although Mark follows a general chronological approach in recounting of the story of Jesus (as do the other gospel writers), he’s not married to it. More to the point, he never claims to be.   So, it’s a serious error to think that Mark somehow isn’t inspired because absolutely every detail isn’t arranged chronologically. Though weContinue reading “Mark And Chronology”

Big Wheel, Little Wheel

Grace is a gift (Romans 5:15ff). It is freely given (Romans 3:22-24; Ephesians 1:6). It cannot be earned or merited. It is undeserved. Like oil and water, grace and these things are mutually exclusive of each other. If it can be earned, it’s not grace. If it is of grace, then it cannot be earned. This is exactly the point Paul makes in RomansContinue reading “Big Wheel, Little Wheel”