Taking Off Our Sandals

Tim Friede has been bitten by poisonous snakes over 200 times in 17 years. It hasn’t killed him because his body has somehow developed an immunity to snake venom. He demonstrated this recently while being interviewed, when he allowed a Black Mamba to bite him several times. Normally, a Mamba’s bite can be fatal inContinue reading “Taking Off Our Sandals”

Sandals Off and Hearts Open

Exodus 3 tells us in brief but balanced terms something of fundamental importance concerning our relationship with God. Through the burning bush, God attracted Moses’ attention so that he would come near (v. 3). When that was accomplished God spoke to him. He didn’t say, “Hey you,” or “Sheep guy,” or anything like that. He called him by name. Since Moses hadContinue reading “Sandals Off and Hearts Open”

Learning From a Bush

Moses is eighty years old when God speaks to Him at the burning bush.  But his eighty is not like our eighty. It’s a “new” eighty. After all, he has a tan, works out in the desert, and is going to live forty more years. And even at one hundred and twenty, Deuteronomy 34:7 assures us that he wasn’t feeble. EightyContinue reading “Learning From a Bush”