Lions And Tigers And Bears (1)

1939 was a great year for movies. Jimmy Stewart was in a couple of popular ones: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Destry Rides Again. Some guy named John Wayne was in picture called Stagecoach. Then there was a ridiculously long movie—so much so that it had an intermission in it. It was based on Margaret Mitchell’s story setContinue reading “Lions And Tigers And Bears (1)”

Buckling Up (The Bourne Identity)

I’m a big fan of the Bourne trilogy, but especially the first movie (The Bourne Identity). If you haven’t seen it or need your memory jogged, Matt Damon plays Jason Bourne—a man who has been programmed to be an assassin by the CIA as part of an experimental program known as Treadstone. While on anContinue reading “Buckling Up (The Bourne Identity)”

Divorced from his Father

It was the first week of school. The teacher mentioned something about the students taking some class work home to show their parents. A little boy spoke up and said he couldn’t do that because he was divorced from his father. The teacher knew his situation and did her best to explain to the young boy thatContinue reading “Divorced from his Father”

The Birth of Moses and the Power of God

When the midwives refused to be part of Pharaoh’s genocide (Exodus 1:15ff), the wickedness escalated. A new policy was instituted requiring all male babies born to be thrown into the Nile. Where surviving birth had meant life, it now meant death.  We can only imagine the sadness and despair that fell upon the Hebrew community. It had toContinue reading “The Birth of Moses and the Power of God”

The Beautiful, God-Honoring Choice of Lauren Hill

This post was written in 2014. Ten thousand people came. If you haven’t been inspired by Lauren Hill’s story, you need to check for a pulse. If you’ve been off on a remote island or somewhere with no Wi-Fi, then you need to know that Lauren is a freshman basketball player at Mount Saint JosephContinue reading “The Beautiful, God-Honoring Choice of Lauren Hill”

Connecting with Church (2)

How does a person connect with God’s community (the church)? Since church is God’s community, it is entered into by coming into relationship with Him through Jesus. In the fifth chapter of Ephesians, Paul speaks of Jesus loving the church and giving Himself up for her (v. 25). He then says in v. 26, that Jesus cleansed her,Continue reading “Connecting with Church (2)”

John’s baptism and ours

Brandon asks, Why is baptism used before Jesus? I thought baptism signified Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Why would baptism be used by John if that’s what it is for?  As the question suggests, the two baptisms are closely related but also have important differences.  Think of it like an engagement ring and a wedding ring.  The engagement ringContinue reading “John’s baptism and ours”