Dead Ends, Predators, And Rotten Fruit

Here’s a text that we need to keep in its context if we are to fully appreciate all that it has to say to us. Just imagine Jesus, itinerant preacher with his rag-tag group of disciples, the carpenter from Galilee who has done no formal study of the Torah (via a rabbi), standing up and takingContinue reading “Dead Ends, Predators, And Rotten Fruit”

2 Peter 3–End of the World? (1)

I purchased a Jaguar several years ago. Perhaps it was a mid-life crisis kind of thing, I’m not sure. Anyway, I didn’t take it to church on Sundays or Wednesday nights so most of the members where I preached weren’t aware that I had it. At home, I always put it in the garage—I neverContinue reading “2 Peter 3–End of the World? (1)”