We Need More Pearls!

The Torah’s good neighbor policy (Deuteronomy 22:1-4) was about more than simply making sure everyone’s lost ox, sheep, cloak, or “anything else” (see v. 3) found its way back to it owner. It was about cultivating community. Lost animals or objects simply provided opportunities for relationships to be enhanced and grown. Not everyone would lookContinue reading “We Need More Pearls!”

Good Things Come In Small Packages

The book of Ruth reminds us that good things come in small packages. It is a quick read checking in at just four chapters/85 verses. Furthermore, it is tucked in between more expansive books like Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel. It almost seems like an afterthought—what is such a tiny book doing among theseContinue reading “Good Things Come In Small Packages”

“We Treat You Like Family”

This seems to be the slogan of every other business. I did a search of the phrase and the first page showed it was used by a car dealership, a medical center, a bank, and a real estate company. Sports teams also speak of their fanbases as family. (Although I have yet to find aContinue reading ““We Treat You Like Family””

Jesus, John and Mary

“Here is your son” (v. 26), Jesus said to His mother. In contrast to Pilate’s abdication of his responsibility to Jesus and justice (“Here is the man” – v. 5, “Here is your king” – v. 14), Christ took control regarding His mother’s care. It’s an interesting situation we don’t know as much about asContinue reading “Jesus, John and Mary”