When Rights Are Wrong

My generation has witnessed the call for every kind of right imaginable:  from basic civil rights to well . . . vegetable rights. In between, there have been some things that aren’t so humorous—the right to put the unborn to death, the right to do what no civilization has ever done and redefine the marriageContinue reading “When Rights Are Wrong”

A Day at the Zoo and Buyer’s Remorse

If it’s a good one, a zoo can be a great place to go. For suburbanites, it’s a vivid reminder of what the big world outside of theirs is like. But to all, it’s a menagerie of sights, sounds, and smells. The sizes, colors, and shapes God has employed in His creation of the animal kingdom is astounding—koalaContinue reading “A Day at the Zoo and Buyer’s Remorse”

A Crime Against the Church

There was a serious issue at Corinth. The problem was they had exalted certain disciples among them (specifically Paul and Apollos—see 3:4ff). While there’s nothing wrong and plenty right in having leaders who model correct attitudes and behaviors (11:1), the situation at Corinth went far beyond that. The disciples had not only put Paul andContinue reading “A Crime Against the Church”