Slaves, Sonship and the Spirit (2)

Life for both the Jews and the Gentiles outside of Christ was bondage in many ways, but Paul speaks of them being under the “elemental spiritual forces” (Galatians 3:3, 9) which he characterizes as “weak and miserable” (v. 9). But when the time is ripe, God sends His Son who fully subjects Himself to theContinue reading “Slaves, Sonship and the Spirit (2)”

Slaves, Sonship and the Spirit (1)

Paul will tell the Galatians in 4:1ff that sons (who are minors) and slaves have a couple of things in common: neither are currently experiencing an inheritance and both are subject to others. With this, he continues to build the case that he began in 3:19ff (that Jewish life under the Torah was about preparationContinue reading “Slaves, Sonship and the Spirit (1)”