Limping Into The Sunrise (2)

We’ve rehearsed the account of Jacob wrestling with the angel before his reconciliation with Esau and his return to Canaan. As with all communication though, the question isn’t simply knowing what was said—we have to continue down the road by determining what was meant. Why did Moses tell us this story? What is its purpose?Continue reading “Limping Into The Sunrise (2)”

Joseph’s Brothers

It shouldn’t be that difficult for us to understand why Joseph’s brothers have a problem believing that he has forgiven them.  After all, they were used to treating others in a manner that was much less than what they deserved (see Genesis 34 & 37), so they can’t relate to someone treating them better than they deserve.  I don’t think they’reContinue reading “Joseph’s Brothers”

Thinking about Community (1)

The early chapters of Genesis have much to say about community. The inspired record has scarcely started when we read that “it is not good for the man to be alone,” (Genesis 2:18). While this statement points primarily towards the marriage relationship, it also expresses the larger truth that God made us for relationships. We are social beings. ThoughContinue reading “Thinking about Community (1)”