I Can’t Believe Jesus Said That! (2)

One of the things Mark shows us in his gospel is how Jesus challenged people. When He told His disciples, “Let us go over to the other side” of Lake Galilee (4:35), they experienced a “furious squall” while He was asleep in the boat. I don’t think we’re to understand that the One who controlsContinue reading “I Can’t Believe Jesus Said That! (2)”

Mark’s Kingdom Forecast

Jesus is not acting very Jewish in Mark 7! The Pharisees and teachers of the law come down from Jerusalem on a “fact-finding” mission (Wessel and Strauss). They are keeping their eyes on Jesus and are quick to point out any error or inconsistencies in His teachings. They think they have found something significant inContinue reading “Mark’s Kingdom Forecast”

What Did Jesus Do? (1)

Paul makes no attempt to answer this question exhaustively—but what he does do is address it relative to the Colossians’ situation and circumstances. In effect, he draws a line from the cross to their lives. The other thing worth noting is the Jewishness of the context. Circumcision (v. 11, 13), old covenant ordinances (v. 16),Continue reading “What Did Jesus Do? (1)”