Living in the Light

John assures the disciples he is writing in 1:1-4 of his first letter that the message they had shared with them about Christ was rooted in historical reality. There were Gnostic influencers who were spreading the heresy that Christ had not come in the flesh (see this in 2 John v. 7). John wants themContinue reading “Living in the Light”

For the Bible Tells Me So

Back when peoplewrote letters, they did so for lots of reasons. They wanted to stay in contact with a loved one from whom they were separated (this was especially true in the days before there were phones and later when people had phones but long-distance calls were expensive). They also wrote to share news (thisContinue reading “For the Bible Tells Me So”

Assurance And The Disciples

When John writes of keeping commands (2:3,3:22,24,5:3), doing what is right (2:29,3:7,3:10), and not sinning (2:1,3:6,9,5:18), he is speaking directionally. Everyone is headed toward something and the disciple is headed in the direction of His Father. God is both the light (v. 5) and in the light (v. 7), (think of our sun, it is lightContinue reading “Assurance And The Disciples”