Good News And Gratitude

Romans 1:18ff is a downer in a book of good news. It is the longest list of sin in the Scripture and it ends with God giving the people mentioned over to self-destruction (v. 24, 26, 28). How does this descent into darkness begin? “Although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God norContinue reading “Good News And Gratitude”

Praying Wisely

A couple in their sixties is walking along the beach when they spy an object hidden in the sand.  They uncover it, knock the sand off, and identify it as an old, old lamp.  Before they know it—POOF! —a genie appears to grant them three wishes.  They would like to travel the world they tell him andContinue reading “Praying Wisely”

Falling Forward

The story in Numbers 13-14 looms over the biblical witness like a dark storm cloud. Its presence is especially felt in the Pentateuch, where it empties its rain and washes away a generation of people. It is a mountain top moment for Israel—essentially everything before had led to the men spying out the land, andContinue reading “Falling Forward”

The Possible Dream

Miguel Cervantes is known to us for the literary masterpiece, Don Quixote. The Spanish writer was born in the mid-sixteenth century and from what we are able to reconstruct of his life, it was as interesting and colorful as the characters he wrote about. Cervantes was one of seven children. His father was a barber-surgeon atContinue reading “The Possible Dream”