Seven Miles From Jerusalem

Two disciples are headed to Emmaus (a village about seven miles from Jerusalem) where presumably they have been attending the Passover Feast. But that’s not what is on their hearts and minds. They are thinking about Jesus and how He had been turned over to the Romans for crucifixion by the Jewish leaders. As ifContinue reading “Seven Miles From Jerusalem”

Living As Part Two People

Death and resurrection are looked upon by most of us from purely a Plan B perspective—a fallback position if/when Plan A is no longer available.   We are quite certain we want no part of them until there is absolutely no other option. There’s very little of the “to live is Christ and to die is gain,” mindsetContinue reading “Living As Part Two People”

“You Want To Talk About It?” (Bella)

Ever since by faith I saw the streamThy flowing wounds supply,Redeeming love has been my theme,And shall be till I die. Those words are from the William Cowper song, There is a Fountain. They point us to one of the most powerful qualities of love—it’s redemptive character. It’s Barnabas standing up for Saul when everyone else isContinue reading ““You Want To Talk About It?” (Bella)”

“You Are Our Mission” (World Trade Center)

Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center provides a powerful look at a very small slice of what happened on 9/11. The story centers on two Port Authority officers, John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno, their families, and the efforts to rescue the two men as they lay trapped beneath tons of rubble.  By the end of that fateful day, mostContinue reading ““You Are Our Mission” (World Trade Center)”

The Hope Filled Life (The Undefeated)

The Undefeated was made back in 1969 and features John Wayne and Rock Hudson in the leading roles. Although Wayne was a little bit before my time, I’m always up for seeing anything that he was in. While nobody will ever confuse him with a great actor, the characters he portrayed always had a down-to-earth honesty about themContinue reading “The Hope Filled Life (The Undefeated)”

Not Today (Live Free Or Die Hard)

Okay, Live Free or Die Hard is not going to win any awards or be the kind of movie that is referred to as “film.” It’s not the kind of movie I usually post about. It’s formulaic, totally unrealistic, and has too much violence. If you can get past this (and filter out some of the language), it’s aContinue reading “Not Today (Live Free Or Die Hard)”

Lonely Eyes And Jesus (The Graduate)

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio,Our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson.Jolting Joe has left and gone away. My memories of the song, Mrs. Robinson, have to do with my older brother and my mother. My brother was taking a class to learn Morse code that was taught at theContinue reading “Lonely Eyes And Jesus (The Graduate)”

Hope And The Upward Pull (Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close)

Hope is like a swing that pulls us upward. At least, that’s what the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close would have us to believe.  Oskar Schell is a nine-year-old boy who lost his father and his way in the events of 9/11 or as he refers to it, the worst day.  He has some form of autismContinue reading “Hope And The Upward Pull (Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close)”