Clean Hands vs. Clean Hearts

Matthew 15 presents us with a discussion between three groups of people: Jesus, some Pharisees from Jerusalem, and Jesus’ disciples. The section begins in 14:1ff with Herod’s “witness” to Jesus: his guilty conscience is attributing the miracles Jesus is performing to John the Baptist (whom he had put to death). Despite Herod’s confusion, Matthew wouldContinue reading “Clean Hands vs. Clean Hearts”

When the Church tries to be Cool (3)

Paul agrees with the Corinthians that his message is lacking in cool rhetorical flourishes that the Greeks esteemed. He is proud that it centers upon the cross–even though the Corinthian culture deems it fit for the fool rather than the cool (v. 18, 22). Paul will accept such a conclusion—but only when the terms areContinue reading “When the Church tries to be Cool (3)”