The Scripture And Gender (2)

Gender Traits 1. There are those that are defining of gender and absolute. These are anatomical differences—men have testicles, penises, and prostate glands, while women have ovaries, vaginas, and breasts. Then there are significant hormonal differences in terms of testosterone and estrogen. There are many more biological differences like these that are not open toContinue reading “The Scripture And Gender (2)”

Limping Into The Sunrise (1)

Whatever conclusions you draw about Jacob’s character (or the lack of it), you have to grant that he had some help getting there. His grandfather and father struggled with telling the truth at times (Genesis 12:11ff, 20:1ff, 26:7ff), while his mother, Rebekah, instigated and served as his accomplice in the deception of his father, Isaac (27:5ff).Continue reading “Limping Into The Sunrise (1)”

Limping Into The Sunrise (2)

We’ve rehearsed the account of Jacob wrestling with the angel before his reconciliation with Esau and his return to Canaan. As with all communication though, the question isn’t simply knowing what was said—we have to continue down the road by determining what was meant. Why did Moses tell us this story? What is its purpose?Continue reading “Limping Into The Sunrise (2)”

Something to Shake our Heads About

SMH is social media for “shaking my head.” That’s how the story of Jacob’s twenty years in Paddan Aram (Genesis 29-31) will leave us. It sounds like an ancient reality show. There’s deception, jealousy, power plays, lying, cheating and stealing. For seven years it’s “The Bachelor.” Then it morphs into “Real Housewives of Paddan Aram.”Continue reading “Something to Shake our Heads About”