Fresh Faith (1)

In Matthew 9:14-17, Jesus refused to mix the new wine (teaching) He brought with the toxic stuff the Pharisees were dispensing.  Whether it was His teaching on fasting or some other issue, He wasn’t going to try to fit HIs teaching and ministry in with theirs (as perhaps the disciples of John were attempting to do). Continue reading “Fresh Faith (1)”

“Do You Want To Get Well?”

Who else but Jesus? Would anyone else dare ask a man who had been unable to walk for 38 years if he wanted to get well?  Insulting?  It certainly could be taken that way, but that wasn’t Jesus’ intent Neither was it something spoken in ignorance of the man’s situation.  The text tells us that His question was prompted byContinue reading ““Do You Want To Get Well?””

Two Kings And The School Of Suffering

It would be hard to read 1 & 2 Samuel (originally just one book), without getting the idea that the writer’s intent is to convey the events leading to a monarchy in Israel.  Even more to the point, he would have us to understand how the Davidic kingship was established.  That being the case, we see this theme pursued and developed through atContinue reading “Two Kings And The School Of Suffering”

The Chicken Sandwich Skirmishes

It’s been interesting to observe the chicken sandwich skirmishes, which are part of the marriage battle, which is part of what is incorrectly referred to as the cultural war.  There is no such thing.  It is the war between darkness and light.  One of the things that continues to amaze me is how surprised disciples are in regardContinue reading “The Chicken Sandwich Skirmishes”

Drinking Or Pouring?

I heard someone relate his grandmother’s wisdom regarding the half full/empty glass.  She said, “People want to know if the glass is half-empty of half-full.  Well, to my way of thinking, it all depends upon whether you’re drinking or pouring!” There’s much in these words for the disciple of Jesus!  If we take our behavioral cues from ourContinue reading “Drinking Or Pouring?”

The Joy That Jesus Brings

It’s an understatement to that the Pharisees and teachers of the law didn’t know what to make of Jesus. They didn’t come anywhere close to seeing Him for what He was. He wasn’t Someone who had come tweak their system a bit here and there—He called for a radical revisioning of things (Mark 2:21-22 and the Sermon onContinue reading “The Joy That Jesus Brings”

Learning To Listen To God (2)

Our distraction bubble is the sum total of things that are competing for our attention. It is sights sounds and screens to be sure, but it is more than environmental noise. It consists of our inner voice—you know, the one that is constantly telling you what you what you should or shouldn’t be doing rightContinue reading “Learning To Listen To God (2)”

What Happened In The Wilderness

It’s easy to think of Jesus resisting temptation in quantitative terms—He was able to do more than we could. We could have resisted up to a point, but Jesus resisted all of the way. There’s truth to this of course, but it’s not the whole truth and consequently if we treat it like the whole truth itContinue reading “What Happened In The Wilderness”

Letting God Be God

Coming up with a comprehensive picture of the Sadducees isn’t easy. We have no writings from them. Aside from Scripture, our information about who they were and what they believed comes from outside sources (primarily Josephus and the Mishnah). And there’s a sparseness in these that makes almost everything they say more conjecture than conclusion.Continue reading “Letting God Be God”