That’s Just Not Right!

The word indignant is a strong term. We use it when we are not only upset about something, but when whatever we are disturbed about has exceeded the reasonable boundaries of bad. In other words, it is so glaringly wrong that we are personally offended by it. It is the difference between someone making aContinue reading “That’s Just Not Right!”

Going Viral With Community

In Mark 9:30-31, Jesus told His disciples about His upcoming death and resurrection (9:30-31). They didn’t grasp what He was saying but “’were afraid to ask Him about it” (v. 32). Unfortunately, they did not show the same reticence in regard to arguing among themselves about “who was the greatest” in the kingdom (v. 34).Continue reading “Going Viral With Community”

Receiving The Kingdom Like A Child

“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Wessel and Strauss note that the phrase, “Truly I tell you,” is used by Jesus 13 times in Mark’s gospel. It functions as a signal to let us know that something important is aboutContinue reading “Receiving The Kingdom Like A Child”

On The Mountain With Jesus

Here’s some verse on the events of Mark 9:2-8. On The Mountain With Jesus Up the high mountain the four of them went, Peter, James, John, and the One heaven sent. There He was transfigured before their eyes, His appearance became luminous and glorified. Then Elijah and Moses came into their view, They were thereContinue reading “On The Mountain With Jesus”

Caesarea Philippi

Here’s some verse from Mark 8:27-35. Caesarea Philippi At Caesarea Philippi He asked them one day, how others saw Him—what did they have to say? A prophet of some kind, a man to revere, but beyond that the people weren’t sure—it just wasn’t clear. He might have paused for a moment to take this inContinue reading “Caesarea Philippi”

Outsider Insight

Here’s some verse from the powerful story of Jesus’ encounter with the Syrophoenician woman in Mark 7:24-30. Outsider Insight With His disciples somewhere near Tyre, A retreat for renewal perhaps their desire. But it wasn’t to be— His presence became known, A woman came to Jesus, Fell at His feet like a stone. She pleadedContinue reading “Outsider Insight”

Swords Out! (The Darkest Hour)

There shall be no negotiated peace. That’s what Winston Churchill says in his address to his Outer Cabinet toward the end of the movie, That Darkest Hour. The movie focuses on the tumultuous events of May 20-28, 1940. England and France had previously declared war on Germany in September of ’39 (after their invasion ofContinue reading “Swords Out! (The Darkest Hour)”

Reaching Out To Jesus

Here’s the wonderful story of Mark 5:25-34 put into verse. I’ve found that doing this helps me get deeper into the story and see it in new ways. I hope you will find it helpful in some way. Reaching Out To Jesus Twelve years, painful isolation, finances drained, spiraling frustration. Somehow there was still aContinue reading “Reaching Out To Jesus”

This I Believe

I would like to have known these things in the way I know them now when I was much younger—say thirty years of age. But then again, life is something we all learn along the way, isn’t it? Here’s some of the big truths I’ve learned along the way. I hope they will bless you.Continue reading “This I Believe”

The Glories Of God’s Kingdom

The story featuring the question to Jesus about fasting is the third in a series of five stories of conflict (Mark 2:1-3:6). The first two stories (the healing of the paralyzed man, Jesus eating with tax collectors and sinners) celebrate the power and scope of forgiveness in the kingdom (2:1-17), while the last two (theContinue reading “The Glories Of God’s Kingdom”