What Makes A Best Man (or Woman)

John 3:22-30 is a passage that is tucked away between Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus and His visit with the women at the well in Samaria. It’s like the U.S. Grant Memorial which sits between the Washington Monument and the U.S Capitol—by  its very location it tends to be overlooked and under-valued. But as we’ll see,Continue reading “What Makes A Best Man (or Woman)”

Nicodemus and the New Birth (2)

Under the law God had given through Moses, Jewish people like Nicodemus entered into a covenant relationship with God by virtue of their physical birth into the nation (there was more to it than that, of course, but that was where it began). With the coming of Christ, covenant relationship no longer came through theContinue reading “Nicodemus and the New Birth (2)”

Nicodemus and the New Birth (1)

You have to have some sympathy for Nicodemus. From all appearances, he was a person who wanted to do what was right. Although Jesus was not in favor with the leadership of Israel and Nicodemus was part of that group, he sought Jesus out (John 3) even though it meant putting him at odds withContinue reading “Nicodemus and the New Birth (1)”