“Do You Want To Get Well?”

Who else but Jesus? Would anyone else dare ask a man who had been unable to walk for 38 years if he wanted to get well?  Insulting?  It certainly could be taken that way, but that wasn’t Jesus’ intent Neither was it something spoken in ignorance of the man’s situation.  The text tells us that His question was prompted byContinue reading ““Do You Want To Get Well?””

The Church is a Hospital?

The church is a hospital for sinners . . . is a truth worth telling! Jesus’ justification to the Pharisees for His embracing of tax collectors and sinners was that they were sick and in need of a physician (Matthew 9:9ff). He went on to say that had the Pharisees understood the prophets, they would know that GodContinue reading “The Church is a Hospital?”

The Deeper Reach

Can you imagine the social media storm Jesus would have instigated? I’m referring to when he asked the man who had been unable to walk for 38 years, Do you want to get well? You can see some responses, can’t you? Wow, read the room Jesus! You just asked a man who has been unable toContinue reading “The Deeper Reach”