No workarounds for us!

We’re all familiar with workarounds—those stop gap measures we employ when we don’t have the time, money, or opportunity to fix something correctly. What they sometimes lack in aesthetics they can make up for in functionality. For example, years ago the lock on my truck’s fuel door stopped working. I wasn’t concerned about the locking aspect but I alsoContinue reading “No workarounds for us!”

The Light from Bethlehem

I saw just a piece of a program on the Discovery Channel recently. The opening promised us a show about fearless exploration. They would leave no stone unturned. They would question everything. It featured a scientist and a paranormal researcher who were dressed like a 21st century version of Indiana Jones. They were searching for answers toContinue reading “The Light from Bethlehem”

Taking Jesus at His Word

We’re not sure where the story found in John 7:53-8:11 belongs. This is why in most translations it is set in italics, bracketed, or even put into a footnote. Textual authorities tell us that it’s not in the two earliest manuscripts we have of John which date back to the beginning of the third century.Continue reading “Taking Jesus at His Word”