The Showdown On Spiritual Authority

The issue in Mark 11:27ff is one of spiritual authority and leadership. It was close to Passover and Jerusalem was overflowing with pilgrims who had come up for the feast. Jesus and His disciples were there. He had gone into the temple and disrupted the corrupt merchandising that was going on. Israel’s leaders were threatenedContinue reading “The Showdown On Spiritual Authority”

“Go Tell John”

Blessed is the one who does not fall away on account of Me. (Luke 7:23).  Have you ever wondered how John took these words from Jesus?  I have. The message from Jesus came to him some time after he had been imprisoned by Herod Antipas.  Antipas was part of the Herodian dynasty.  The Herodians embodied Lord Acton’s adageContinue reading ““Go Tell John””

Forward By Backward

The Torah (law) came through Moses.  The call to return to the law came through the prophets.  Men such as Elijah called Israel away from their idols and back to God (see 1 Kings 18).  It’s no coincidence that after John appeared on the scene, Jesus identified him as the Elijah who was to come and restore all things (Matthew 17;Continue reading “Forward By Backward”

The Voice in the Wilderness

Fortunately for us, God feels absolutely no compulsion to do things the way we think He should. When He wants to call the nation of Israel back to Him, he raises up a fiery, rugged prophet named John. John is not PC, doesn’t dress well and has a questionable diet. I think it’s fair toContinue reading “The Voice in the Wilderness”

2 Peter 3–End of the World? (2)

Peter speaks in 2 Peter 3 of a coming/day of the Lord/day of God where the heavens and earth will be destroyed and replaced by a new heaven and earth. In a previous post, I laid the groundwork for concluding that this day of the Lord is not the return of Jesus at the end of time because the objection from mockersContinue reading “2 Peter 3–End of the World? (2)”

What Makes A Best Man (or Woman)

John 3:22-30 is a passage that is tucked away between Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus and His visit with the women at the well in Samaria. It’s like the U.S. Grant Memorial which sits between the Washington Monument and the U.S Capitol—by  its very location it tends to be overlooked and under-valued. But as we’ll see,Continue reading “What Makes A Best Man (or Woman)”