Background On The Twelve Prophets

When the earliest of the Twelve (whoever that was) began their ministry in the latter part of the eighth century BC, God’s covenant people were almost two centuries into their time as a divided kingdom. The northern kingdom of ten tribes (referred to as Israel, Ephraim, or Samaria), had plunged into idolatry and numerous otherContinue reading “Background On The Twelve Prophets”

I Am So Angry!

Jonah was one angry guy! He gave an eight word sermon, had an entire city respond to it, and it only made him angrier! We don’t know for certain exactly why he was angry with the Ninevites (maybe someone in his family had been killed or suffered at the hands of the Assyrians), but it’s obvious that this destructiveContinue reading “I Am So Angry!”

The God Who Believes in Man (2)

The book of Jonah provides a wonderfully rich case history of the God who believes in man. It begins with God commissioning Jonah to “Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me,” (Jonah 1:2). God’s purpose in sending Jonah was not to condemn but to convict the NinevitesContinue reading “The God Who Believes in Man (2)”