Outsider Insight

Here’s some verse from the powerful story of Jesus’ encounter with the Syrophoenician woman in Mark 7:24-30. Outsider Insight With His disciples somewhere near Tyre, A retreat for renewal perhaps their desire. But it wasn’t to be— His presence became known, A woman came to Jesus, Fell at His feet like a stone. She pleadedContinue reading “Outsider Insight”

Not Even Close!

The ecosystem Mark constructs in chapter one of his gospel is . . . well, it’s overwhelming. While chapters weren’t part of original text (they came later), nonetheless, what the Spirit guided Mark to include in the portion of his gospel we refer to as the first chapter is nothing short of amazing. If youContinue reading “Not Even Close!”

Everything Else Is Just Hype

There’s more to the account of Simon the magician (Acts 8:4-24) than sometimes meets the eye. One of the overarching concerns in Luke-Acts is the kingdom of God. Luke uses the phrase almost 40 times in the two books.  He begins Acts by telling Theophilus about the 40 days Jesus spent with the apostles after His resurrection, and howContinue reading “Everything Else Is Just Hype”

Nicodemus and the New Birth (1)

You have to have some sympathy for Nicodemus. From all appearances, he was a person who wanted to do what was right. Although Jesus was not in favor with the leadership of Israel and Nicodemus was part of that group, he sought Jesus out (John 3) even though it meant putting him at odds withContinue reading “Nicodemus and the New Birth (1)”