Big Stories and Little Stories

There are big stories and little stories. The little stories are about us. They are about where we were born, the family we grew up in, and other significant events in our life. They are rich, wonderful and engaging—but they are also profoundly lacking. Why? Because they have a beginning and an end. We areContinue reading “Big Stories and Little Stories”

If You Get To The Funeral Home You’ve Gone Too Far

We lived in Arkansas for fifteen years years and this is what would I tell people when giving directions to our church building.  If nothing else, it usually got their attention because for better or worse, funeral homes usually stand out.  Nothing else really looks quite like a funeral home.  Architecturally, they might resemble a church or aContinue reading “If You Get To The Funeral Home You’ve Gone Too Far”

High Touch or High Truth?

Unlike the synoptic writers who start with events surrounding Jesus’ birth (Matthew and Luke), or with the ministry of John the Baptizer (Mark), John’s gospel has a cosmic tone as he goes all of the way back to the beginning. We hear echoes of Genesis 1 as he writes about the beginning, the word, and light. Some have suggestedContinue reading “High Touch or High Truth?”

Life at the Tomb

If you want to have some fun, ask a husband and wife to tell you about something memorable—their wedding, the birth of a child, a vacation story, etc. Then just back away and enjoy the moment. It doesn’t matter who starts telling the story, they won’t get too far before the other breaks in toContinue reading “Life at the Tomb”