Keeping Our Eyes on God

We’ve all heard that, “You can’t have a relationship without rules.” And it’s true. Friendships, marriages, and families all need the framework, support, and structure of rules. Although we don’t normally think of it this way, a wedding ceremony is the formalizing of a covenant between the bride and the groom. They exchange vows toContinue reading “Keeping Our Eyes on God”

First Principles

It’s not uncommon (wherever you are) to hear someone say, “We need more teaching and preaching on first principles.” That may or may not be true—it depends upon the particular situation and circumstances they’re part of. I’m much more interested in exploring what we mean by the phrase “first principles.” My guess is that inContinue reading “First Principles”

Fabulously Clean and Invitingly Empty

These days, an empty stadium or ballpark is the norm. But before Covid, back in 2015, the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox played a game in Baltimore in an empty stadium. The Orioles announced that due to the unrest and violence in the city, the game between the two teams would take placeContinue reading “Fabulously Clean and Invitingly Empty”