Kingdom Authority

One of the things Mark wants us to see in the first chapter of his gospel has to do with the kingdom authority Jesus possesses. The people of Rome knew all about kingdom power in the sense of “might makes right,” but Mark shows them something radically different in Jesus. With his quote of IsaiahContinue reading “Kingdom Authority”

Not Even Close!

The ecosystem Mark constructs in chapter one of his gospel is . . . well, it’s overwhelming. While chapters weren’t part of original text (they came later), nonetheless, what the Spirit guided Mark to include in the portion of his gospel we refer to as the first chapter is nothing short of amazing. If youContinue reading “Not Even Close!”

Face To Face With The Good News

Mark writes like man in a hurry. There’s no lingering or loitering with him. His gospel begins by telling us of a rugged, fiery prophet named John who is living (at least temporarily) and preaching in the wilderness. Crowds come pouring out of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas to hear him. They respond overwhelmingly toContinue reading “Face To Face With The Good News”