Learning To Listen To God (2)

Our distraction bubble is the sum total of things that are competing for our attention. It is sights sounds and screens to be sure, but it is more than environmental noise. It consists of our inner voice—you know, the one that is constantly telling you what you what you should or shouldn’t be doing rightContinue reading “Learning To Listen To God (2)”

Learning To Listen To God (1)

We’ve all had the experience of thinking we heard someone say something only to find out what they actually said was quite different from what we understood. For those of us with hearing impairment this is a regular occurrence. Even with our hearing aids in, we can struggle at times to clearly understand people withContinue reading “Learning To Listen To God (1)”

And What Gets You Out of Bed?

The Sabbath had been anything but a day of rest for Him who was its Lord!  He had taught in the synagogue, casting an evil spirit out of one of the people there. Then He retreated to the home of Peter and Andrew where He healed Peter’s mother-in-law.  After darkness set in there was a knock at the door—”theContinue reading “And What Gets You Out of Bed?”