Blood, Covenant, And Jesus

When Christ celebrated the Passover with His disciples, He gave thanks for the cup and they all passed it around and drank from it. He then told them, “This is My blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many” (Mark 14:24). He said a lot with those words! I want to say somethingContinue reading “Blood, Covenant, And Jesus”

Oneness In Marriage

Creation truths are those truths directly connected with God bringing the world into being. We neglect them to our poverty and ruin. One truth born in paradise concerns the purpose of marriage—out of one (Adam), God made two (Adam and Eve), so that He might join them back together as one in marriage. God’s goalContinue reading “Oneness In Marriage”

The Chicken Sandwich Skirmishes

It’s been interesting to observe the chicken sandwich skirmishes, which are part of the marriage battle, which is part of what is incorrectly referred to as the cultural war.  There is no such thing.  It is the war between darkness and light.  One of the things that continues to amaze me is how surprised disciples are in regardContinue reading “The Chicken Sandwich Skirmishes”

Real People, Not Actors

I saw a commercial not long ago that contained something unintentionally funny as well as being quite revealing. I don’t remember what was being advertised, but they had people giving testimonials while words appeared on the screen that said, Real people, not actors. I think they spoke more truth than they realized. I’m not saying thatContinue reading “Real People, Not Actors”