Understanding Scripture Through Understanding God

Matthew 12:1-8 is what scholars like to refer to as a freighted passage. If you think of a railroad engine pulling a large number of loaded boxcars behind it then you have the picture. It is simply a way of saying that a particular text contains a significant amount of material that needs to be unloaded andContinue reading “Understanding Scripture Through Understanding God”

Looking Through The Lens (2)

The prophets were interpreters of the law.  The audience they preached to (Judah and Israel), were plagued with the same ceremonial instincts that their Pharisaical descendants would possess centuries later. They placed such confidence in the external that they believed that their participation in the ritual of sacrifice (emblems of the grace of God), somehow obligatedContinue reading “Looking Through The Lens (2)”

Looking Through The Lens (1)

The Hubble telescope was launched in 1990. It is currently locked in an orbit 353 miles above the earth where it circles the planet every 97 minutes. This position enables it to be free from the light distortions that ground based telescopes experience.  The Hubble’s technology has allowed researchers to do some amazing things. They have peered 14Continue reading “Looking Through The Lens (1)”