Hypocrisy and Heart-Guarding

Hypocrisy is one of those words that’s bandied about with all too little thought as to what the word actually means. It’s an extreme term that’s over-employed because people want to shock or throw a verbal hand grenade as opposed to being accurate and truthful in their speech. The word comes to us from theContinue reading “Hypocrisy and Heart-Guarding”

Jesus and Organized Religion (4)

There’s more to say from Matthew 23 concerning Jesus’ teaching about organized religion. These bullet points will give you a starting point for your own research and study. 3. Jesus was for humility and against pride. (v. 5-12) 4. He was against building walls and for building bridges. (v. 13-14) 5. He was against winning people toContinue reading “Jesus and Organized Religion (4)”

Jesus and Organized Religion (3)

It seems that these days disciples of Jesus bear the responsibility of not only being apologists for anything and everything claiming to be Christian, but in the eyes of an increasing amount of people, they should be defenders of all religions and faiths—especially the radicalized ones. Read the vitriol of people like Sam Harris andContinue reading “Jesus and Organized Religion (3)”

Jesus and Organized Religion (2)

There are several approaches we could take in regard to Jesus and organized religion. We could speak about Him promising to “build My church” (Matthew 16:18). We could look at His words to the seven churches of Asia in Revelation 2-3 and discuss how, despite the failings of some of the groups, He claims themContinue reading “Jesus and Organized Religion (2)”