Christ On The Waterfront (On The Waterfront)

On the Waterfront is a hopelessly dated movie. It’s in black and white (and grey). With the exception of Eva Marie Saint, all of the principal actors are deceased. The soundtrack is definitely from another era. You’ll have a tough time trying to sell it to anyone at your house on movie night. So if you do try, be prepared forContinue reading “Christ On The Waterfront (On The Waterfront)”

For What It’s Worth

We are a fragmented nation, with fragmented leaders (official and otherwise), speaking fragmented messages that offer fragmented solutions with the promise of producing wholeness! Picking and choosing who to love, who to help and whose sins we will recognize and condemn is what has brought us to this point. Treating complex, involved issues by ignoringContinue reading “For What It’s Worth”

Entering the Arena for Christ

In the series Rome, Titus Pullo is a proud soldier of Rome’s Thirteenth Legion. But the time comes when there are no more wars to fight and he descends into a life of cold-blooded, mercenary killing. When he is captured and condemned to die in the arena for his crimes, he is resigned if not relieved, in regardContinue reading “Entering the Arena for Christ”