Clutter, clutter everywhere . . .

If you dump a box of toys in front of a toddler, many of them will just give you a quizzical look. But if you give them just a toy or two they are able to focus on it, engage their imagination, and in no time they’re having a great time. That’s because sometimes less isContinue reading “Clutter, clutter everywhere . . .”

The Unchained Word (3)

And how exactly does God’s word unchain us? Initially it does so by revealing to us the good news of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection on behalf of all people. God opens our heart, as He did with Lydia (Acts 16:14), and like her, we are immersed to receive the forgiveness of our sins andContinue reading “The Unchained Word (3)”

The Blessing Of Mourning

Preachers are privileged to see life in all of its rawness as well as refinement.  The refinement part tends to be the Sunday pageantry you see—people in their best and at their best. I have no problem with that. I know the good people against organized religion tend to think it’s all hypocrisy.  It can be and sometimes isContinue reading “The Blessing Of Mourning”

Streamlining For The Kingdom

In 1981, three people got together at a restaurant and sketched out on a napkin an idea for an airplane. But it wasn’t just any airplane that Dick Rutan, his brother Burt, and Jeana Yeager had in mind. This one would be capable of doing what no plane had ever done before—fly around the worldContinue reading “Streamlining For The Kingdom”

Pure In Heart, Powerful In Vision

What did Christ mean when He spoke of being pure in heart? (Matthew 5:8)?  Was He saying that if and when our heart becomes morally pure enough, we’ll get to see our Father?  Did He mean for us to grit our teeth, confess our present unworthiness, and resolve to become more pure—all the while realizing that we’ll neverContinue reading “Pure In Heart, Powerful In Vision”