Guarding Our Hearts

“Heart” is a huge word in Proverbs—it is used 75 times in 31 chapters! The heart is at the center of who and what we are. It is where we process life—where attitudes are formed and actions are determined. It is the command post of our being. According to Proverbs, our life is a reflectionContinue reading “Guarding Our Hearts”

Righteousness And The Kingdom Of Heaven

The Sermon on the Mount is an extended conversation about righteousness. Jesus uses the word five times in the three chapters that comprise the SOTM but in actuality the idea is in just about every verse. The righteousness He is speaking of is what happens when God’s kingdom comes and His will is done onContinue reading “Righteousness And The Kingdom Of Heaven”

Pure In Heart, Powerful In Vision

What did Christ mean when He spoke of being pure in heart? (Matthew 5:8)?  Was He saying that if and when our heart becomes morally pure enough, we’ll get to see our Father?  Did He mean for us to grit our teeth, confess our present unworthiness, and resolve to become more pure—all the while realizing that we’ll neverContinue reading “Pure In Heart, Powerful In Vision”

Do Not Seek The Treasure (O Brother Where Art Thou?)

“Do not seek the treasure!” If you are familiar with the movie O Brother Where Art Thou?, you remember when Pete spoke these words to Ulysses and Delmar in the movie theater. Pete had given them up to Sheriff Cooley so if they went after the treasure, it would be at the cost of their lives. Since UlyssesContinue reading “Do Not Seek The Treasure (O Brother Where Art Thou?)”