When God Weeps

Judgment is something most people (believers and unbelievers), would rather not hear or think about.  I understand that.  It’s kind of like hearing about income taxes or estate planning— even though we might understand the inevitability and importance of such matters, they’re never going to be something we are eager about.  And while judgment shouldn’t be something disciples major in, we’re doing no one any favorsContinue reading “When God Weeps”

Dependence and Obedience

God is more interested in your dependence upon Him than your obedience to Him! This was tweeted out not too long ago. Like much of what bubbles up in the twitterverse, there was no context to nuance or qualify it—just a bare bones proclamation about what our Father is truly concerned with. And it’s my perceptionContinue reading “Dependence and Obedience”