Top Ten List for VBS in Romania

Okay, this is what you’ve been waiting for—our top 10 list from VBS. Drum roll please . . .  # 10 — Hunt the Duck (dodge ball . . . sort of) – I think it’s called this because two people stand on either side, while the rest of the kids (ducks) are in the middle. One throws atContinue reading “Top Ten List for VBS in Romania”

Some Parting Thoughts

Well, our time in Romania is over and tomorrow we will head to Budapest, Hungary, where we will spend the night before beginning our flight home early Sunday morning. The time has gone by quickly and well. It was great to see everyone in the congregation again and spend the week with them. Participating in their VBS wasContinue reading “Some Parting Thoughts”

Live from Romania

I guess the title of this post would be something along the lines of Random thoughts from Romania. I’ve heard some interesting things the last couple of weeks. I haven’t remembered them all but here are a few that have stuck with me: Speed bumps are referred to as dead policeman. I don’t get the idea they harbor anyContinue reading “Live from Romania”

Back in the USSR

Eugene Peterson wrote a book called A Long Obedience in the Same Direction in 1980 (back before he was Eugene Peterson).  In the book, he essentially lamented what he spoke of as a tourist approach to faith—the tendency to run all over and get a glimpse of everything but really understand nothing. The result was an experience that was a mile long andContinue reading “Back in the USSR”