The Mathematics of Grace

Could there be a worse scenario for a parent than to have one of their children missing? I guess there could be something, but it’s hard to fathom (and who really wants to try?). But suppose one of your children was gone. You can only imagine the gnawing emptiness that would be yours. Every wakingContinue reading “The Mathematics of Grace”

The Account Manager Who Cooked the Books (2)

To answer this we need to add another layer to the story—that of honor and shame. A number of recent commentators have pointed out that the manager’s wasteful actions not only brought shame upon himself but also upon the rich man (who would be viewed as weak and unable to control his employee as wellContinue reading “The Account Manager Who Cooked the Books (2)”

The Account Manager Who Cooked the Books (1)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a story at the right place and time is worth at least that many words of facts, figures, and data. People who make commercials understand this so rather than push information on us they pull us in through characters like Flo of Progressive or Jake fromContinue reading “The Account Manager Who Cooked the Books (1)”

Grace and Community (1)

Luke recorded a parable by Jesus in 18:9-14 of his gospel. The story Jesus told was about two men in the temple and their approach God. The first man, a Pharisee, came before God reciting a checklist of all of the good things he had done. Interestingly, Christ never suggested that the man didn’t do the things of which heContinue reading “Grace and Community (1)”