Blessed Are The Refreshers!

Paul’s second letter to Timothy was probably written no more than a couple of years after his first. While Timothy was still laboring away at Ephesus, Paul’s circumstances had changed quite dramatically. He was no longer in Macedonia, but in prison at Rome for a second time. And unlike his house-arrest at the end ofContinue reading “Blessed Are The Refreshers!”


Based on data frompeople applying for Social Security cards for their children, the most popular baby names for boys are: Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah, James, William, Benjamin,Lucas, Henry, and Theodore. But no Onesimus. That’s too bad. Although it’s a little long at four consonants (you’d probably have to come up with a shortenedversion), it’s aContinue reading “Useful!”

Sincere Faith

Quick question: What would Paul have been without Timothy? Timothy was Paul’s helper for almost twenty years. What did he do for Paul? Basically, whatever Paul needed to have done. Paul left him at Ephesus to deal with some problem teachers while he went to Macedonia (1 Timothy 1:3ff). He sent him to Thessalonica fromContinue reading “Sincere Faith”

The Regret That Brings Life

After King Agrippa has heard Paul‘s defense (which seems to have struck a nerve with him – Acts 26:26-28), he tells Festus, “This man could have been set free if he had not appealed to Caesar (v. 32). Perhaps he is faulting Paul’s strategy in appealing to Rome (he knows nothing of the plot againstContinue reading “The Regret That Brings Life”

Looking For The Intersection

Whatever else we might see when we look in the mirror in the morning, we don’t see the Apostle Paul staring back at us. That’s because whatever self-illusions we might have, we don’t confuse ourselves with him. Neither did people in the first century. When you think about it, Paul was a very singular individual.Continue reading “Looking For The Intersection”

A Question About Our “Rights”

Kevin wants to know about Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 9:21 concerning becoming all things to all people—is it permissive or limiting? My understanding is that it is both a permissive and limiting text. When I was growing up, our mother would always tell us before we went somewhere to “Have fun and behave.” AContinue reading “A Question About Our “Rights””