Perseverance (2)

It would be difficult to overstate the value of perseverance—but not impossible. More to the point, it’s easy to look at perseverance the way we see an iceberg and notice only the part that is above the waterline and miss the more significant portion below. Perseverance is a glorious thing but like everything else, it’sContinue reading “Perseverance (2)”

Perseverance (1)

Psalm 129 reminds us that despite the hardships they encountered, the righteous in Israel hadn’t gone anywhere. Their oppressors gave them their best shot and when the smoke, dust, and ashes had cleared away—the righteous hadn’t cut and run, they were still standing. Don’t you love that? That was Israel’s story. Whether they were onContinue reading “Perseverance (1)”

A Mother’s Perseverance

(I wrote this for Mother’s Day 2013, just a few months before Mom passed away. I was heading home from Arkansas and was going to stop by Madison and take her out to lunch. My brother Andy called me somewhere around Corinth, Mississippi and told me that Mom had experienced a massive stroke and wasContinue reading “A Mother’s Perseverance”