You Are The Treasure That I Seek

Jesus has been discussing seeking God through giving, praying, and fasting in Matthew 6:1-18.  He’s instructed His disciples to “do not” in regard to certain practices of the Pharisees (v. 2,5,16).  In 6:19ff, He takes up another “do not,”—do not seek earthly treasure. Once again, the Pharisees are the entry point of the discussion.  They were lovers of moneyContinue reading “You Are The Treasure That I Seek”

Morality And Righteousness

Morality is good but righteousness is excellent. I think that’s the essence of what Jesus is saying in the Sermon on the Mount when He tells His disciples that “unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:20). The righteousnessContinue reading “Morality And Righteousness”

Looking Through The Lens (2)

The prophets were interpreters of the law.  The audience they preached to (Judah and Israel), were plagued with the same ceremonial instincts that their Pharisaical descendants would possess centuries later. They placed such confidence in the external that they believed that their participation in the ritual of sacrifice (emblems of the grace of God), somehow obligatedContinue reading “Looking Through The Lens (2)”

Keeping Our Eyes on God

We’ve all heard that, “You can’t have a relationship without rules.” And it’s true. Friendships, marriages, and families all need the framework, support, and structure of rules. Although we don’t normally think of it this way, a wedding ceremony is the formalizing of a covenant between the bride and the groom. They exchange vows toContinue reading “Keeping Our Eyes on God”

Bubbles and Hazmat Suits

It’s been several years, but I remember a youth minister informing to me that he and his wife weren’t going to watch anything other than PG-13 movies. He said that way he could tell young people not to watch R-rated movies and be consistent. I told him I appreciated his concern for both himself andContinue reading “Bubbles and Hazmat Suits”

Jesus and Organized Religion (3)

It seems that these days disciples of Jesus bear the responsibility of not only being apologists for anything and everything claiming to be Christian, but in the eyes of an increasing amount of people, they should be defenders of all religions and faiths—especially the radicalized ones. Read the vitriol of people like Sam Harris andContinue reading “Jesus and Organized Religion (3)”

They Missed It!

John offers more to us about the “funeral” of Lazarus than just his resurrection (though who would wish to minimize the significance of that?). He tells us about two different responses people had to this great miracle of Jesus.  One reaction is not surprising; but the other is as disappointing as it is difficult to comprehend.Continue reading “They Missed It!”