To Pray or not to Pray? (The Sin Leading to Death)

John is speaking of the confidence we have in prayer in 1 John 5:14-15. Building on the theme of assurance that runs throughout the letter (note all the places where the word “know” is used), he wants us to understand that when we ask anything according to His will, it will be granted! God isn’tContinue reading “To Pray or not to Pray? (The Sin Leading to Death)”

Wearing God Down

There’s a popular belief that if disciples pray hard enough about something and with enough faith, it will happen. After all, didn’t Jesus say something about having faith and moving mountains? Therefore, if we just get enough people with enough faith to pray hard enough about something, God will give us our heart’s desire—right? ChurchContinue reading “Wearing God Down”

Jesus And Virtue Signaling defines virtue signaling as “the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.” Although social media has certainly provided the means for this to be done on a larger scale than ever before, there is absolutelyContinue reading “Jesus And Virtue Signaling”

Advancing On Our Knees

John Sedgwick was a general in the Union Army during the Civil War.  He came from a military family. His grandfather was a general during the Revolutionary War and served with George Washington. Sedgwick graduated from West Point, served in the Mexican-American War, and was involved in numerous Civil War battles including Gettysburg, Antietam andContinue reading “Advancing On Our Knees”

And What Gets You Out of Bed?

The Sabbath had been anything but a day of rest for Him who was its Lord!  He had taught in the synagogue, casting an evil spirit out of one of the people there. Then He retreated to the home of Peter and Andrew where He healed Peter’s mother-in-law.  After darkness set in there was a knock at the door—”theContinue reading “And What Gets You Out of Bed?”

Something You Can Always Ask For

Israel is in the process of unraveling in Numbers 13. After being marvelously responsive to God during their time at Sinai (post golden calf incident), they began to break down. The hardships of their circumstances was wearing on them. They became bored with their blessings (read: manna) and began to complain. It started on theContinue reading “Something You Can Always Ask For”

The Music of Heaven

Beatrice Harrison was an accomplished British cellist of the last century whose peak performing years were in the period between the two world wars. One summer evening in 1924, she was practicing in her garden when she stopped and restarted several times. The reason? There was a nightingale that began singing along with her—echoing partsContinue reading “The Music of Heaven”