The Hebrew writer is involved in an extended discussion about the superiority of Jesus to the angels that begins in 1:4 and continues through 2:18. In 1:5-14, he quotes seven Old Testament texts to make his case. He then pauses in 2:1-4 to exhort his readers to “pay the most careful attention” to message aboutContinue reading “Atonement”

There’s Not A Friend

Hebrews 2 starts with a conclusion—challenging its readers to anchor their lives in the glorious, eternity-altering news about Jesus (v. 1-4). After this, the writer picks up his earlier thread concerning Jesus and angels. I think he’s anticipating some objections in response to what he previously wrote concerning Christ’s superiority to the angels (1:5-14). There wouldContinue reading “There’s Not A Friend”

The Cosmos and Calvary

And how powerful is God?  He is powerful enough to have created our galaxy. If you were to travel across the Milky Way, you’d have to have a large cup of coffee because it would take you approximately 100 thousand lights years to make the trip (assuming you didn’t stop too much). And a galaxy that sizeContinue reading “The Cosmos and Calvary”