Words for the Wilderness

The backdrop for understanding the temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4/Luke 4 is Israel’s time in the wilderness. The parallels aren’t difficult to see. I’ve adapted the following from Liefeld and Pao (Luke, The Expositor’s Bible Commentary).  To that last point, when Israel was in the wilderness, they were fresh off their miraculous rescue byContinue reading “Words for the Wilderness”

Dwelling In The Shelter And Resting In The Shadow

Everyone recognizes there’s a difference between knowing what someone said and understanding what they meant.  Several times a day we come across situations where we have to decipher the meaning of what we have heard or read.  Here are some examples: “We will sell gasoline to anyone in a glass container.” “Students hate annoying professors.” “Happily theyContinue reading “Dwelling In The Shelter And Resting In The Shadow”

Digging Deep And Standing Tall

Weekend Edition of NPR ran a story about the rising rate of obesity in France.  It explained how this trend runs counter to the French culinary tradition of slow cooked meals of healthy foods eaten around the family table.  A finger was pointed in the direction of American culture as imported through movies and television and it wasContinue reading “Digging Deep And Standing Tall”