Democracy And The Kingdom Of God (2)

So why does God have different roles for men and women when it comes to church? The better question to ask might be, why not? Once we get past the equality/ability issues, why wouldn’t God have different roles for us? Does everyone in your family have the same role? Why not? If this is so,Continue reading “Democracy And The Kingdom Of God (2)”

Getting In The Way Of God (Freedomland)

Freedomland is a gritty little picture about people in need of redemption (are there any other kind?). There’s a woman named Brenda, whose young son has died as a result of her negligence. Rather than admit to this, she has secretly buried his body and concocted a story about having her automobile carjacked while her son was inContinue reading “Getting In The Way Of God (Freedomland)”

When God Owns Your History

Although lupus took her life at the age of thirty-nine, Flannery O’Connor wrote two novels and thirty-two short stories that garnered several awards and honors. She was a Roman Catholic and made no secret about it or apologies for it (“I write the way I do because I am a Catholic”). Due to her illnessContinue reading “When God Owns Your History”