“There’s Not Going To Be Any More Of That”

My father-in-law was a WWII veteran.  He was drafted soon after he was married in 1942 and stationed in Germany.  He often told people that on the coldest night of his life, he was on the back on a truck in Germany when he received news that his first child was born.  What I don’t ever remember hearingContinue reading ““There’s Not Going To Be Any More Of That””

He’s Alive And We’re Forgiven

“You are my son; today I have become your father,” (Psalm 2:7). By itself, this little piece from the second psalm doesn’t look like much—certainly not a prophecy of the resurrection. (It actually looks more like a birth announcement). Be that as it may, Paul nonetheless quotes this text in support of the resurrection ofContinue reading “He’s Alive And We’re Forgiven”

Waiting For Death (No Country For Old Men)

Movies by the Coen brothers tend to leave me hot or cold but never lukewarm. No County for Old Men is no exception. It’s a dark movie (maybe their darkest), but it has something to say— especially in the character of Ed Tom Bell (played by Tommie Lee Jones). The story (adapted from the novel of theContinue reading “Waiting For Death (No Country For Old Men)”