Funeral For A Friend

Abraham lived a hundred and seventy-five years. Then Abraham breathed his last and died at a good old age, an old man and full of years; and he was gathered to his people. (Genesis 25:7-8) I conducted a funeral this morning. It was for a member of our church who passed away last week. He was 95Continue reading “Funeral For A Friend”

A Roman Cross And A Jewish Carpenter (2)

If you take this political/religious template and lay it over the New Testament, it opens another dimension of understanding. Jesus’ birth becomes a political event. He was born to overthrow Rome. Not in the civil sense of occupying an earthly throne, but in the sense that He was to be everything Rome was pretending to be.Continue reading “A Roman Cross And A Jewish Carpenter (2)”

What Bible Study Should Be

The Sadducees were sold on first five books of Scripture and found no resurrection there.  What they did find was the levirate marriage (Deuteronomy 25:5-10). In Matthew 22:23-33 their argument to Jesus pits potential circumstances created through application of this law with the resurrection (as they understood it). Their conclusion was that the resurrection was not possible—GodContinue reading “What Bible Study Should Be”

Letting God Be God

Coming up with a comprehensive picture of the Sadducees isn’t easy. We have no writings from them. Aside from Scripture, our information about who they were and what they believed comes from outside sources (primarily Josephus and the Mishnah). And there’s a sparseness in these that makes almost everything they say more conjecture than conclusion.Continue reading “Letting God Be God”

The World That Once Was . . . And Be Again (2) (Field Of Dreams)

If we dipped ourselves in the waters of the fourth chapter of the book of Acts, we’d get a look at a church that was functioning as Resurrection Central. We’d see: Some people were disturbed by the resurrection of Jesus (v. 2).  The Sadducees didn’t believe in the resurrection while others that did thought it was something that would happen onlyContinue reading “The World That Once Was . . . And Be Again (2) (Field Of Dreams)”

The World That Once Was . . . And Could Be Again (1) (Field Of Dreams)

Ray Kinsella is an Iowa farmer who plows up part of his corn to plant a baseball field because some voices told him to do so in the movie, Field of Dreams. When he is finished, a team from the past (featuring Shoeless Joe Jackson), mysteriously comes out of the corn to play on the field. The badContinue reading “The World That Once Was . . . And Could Be Again (1) (Field Of Dreams)”

Thinking About The Atonement (2)

This much everyone agrees with—Christ died for our sins (1 Corinthians 15:3). But what exactly does that mean? How did His death bring us life? Here is the atonement in four parts.  1.  Jesus honored God and His purpose in creating man fully and completely. He lived to do His Father’s will in a way that no oneContinue reading “Thinking About The Atonement (2)”

The Range of Redemption

The Corinthians understood they had been redeemed through Jesus, but like some disciples today, they didn’t grasp how wide-ranging that deliverance was. If you ask people today about their salvation many will tell you something to the effect of “my soul has been saved.” That’s gloriously true and worthy of the highest celebration—it just doesn’tContinue reading “The Range of Redemption”

Seven Miles From Jerusalem

Two disciples are heading to Emmaus (a village about seven miles from Jerusalem) where presumably they’ve been attending the Passover Feast. But that’s not what’s on their hearts and minds. They are thinking about Jesus and how He was turned over to the Romans for crucifixion by the Jewish leaders. As if things could getContinue reading “Seven Miles From Jerusalem”

The Good News is not the Fake News

Fake news is something we’ve heard quite a bit about the last few years. Although the phrase is relatively new in terms of popular usage, fake news has been around as long as man has. It’s just been called by different names: propaganda, false narrative, disinformation, etc. Fake news can be serious. At the time of thisContinue reading “The Good News is not the Fake News”