Godliness And Baseball Gloves

The words godliness and godly are found 25 times in the New Testament with 11 of those occurrences being in Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus. That’s a high concentration and out of proportion with the words’ infrequent usage in the rest of the NT. In fact, when the words are used, they tend toContinue reading “Godliness And Baseball Gloves”

Sandals Off and Hearts Open

Exodus 3 tells us in brief but balanced terms something of fundamental importance concerning our relationship with God. Through the burning bush, God attracted Moses’ attention so that he would come near (v. 3). When that was accomplished God spoke to him. He didn’t say, “Hey you,” or “Sheep guy,” or anything like that. He called him by name. Since Moses hadContinue reading “Sandals Off and Hearts Open”