They Don’t Get Me (2)

1.  Practice acceptance. Paul tells begins and ends the section by telling them to accept each other with all of their “baggage” (14:1, 15:7). A little acceptance goes a long way. Moreover, if God has accepted us then there’s no reason why we can’t be accepting of each other (14:3-4). 2. Be flexible. The reason the Golden Gate BridgeContinue reading “They Don’t Get Me (2)”

They Don’t Get Me (1)

Who hasn’t said or thought these words at one time or another? We say them because we think that someone doesn’t understand or appreciate us and as a result we feel a little disconnected and isolated.  And it happens to everyone: young, middle-aged, old, male, female, black, white, Hispanic—it’s non-discriminatory. But there’s good news: it’sContinue reading “They Don’t Get Me (1)”

Not Relevant for Today?

I suppose it’s difficult for us to work up much passion when it comes to the subject of meats sacrificed to idols. After all, it hasn’t been an issue for a couple thousand years. Still, it would be a mistake to be casually dismissive of it. After all, the subject has a presence in ScriptureContinue reading “Not Relevant for Today?”