Dwelling In The Shelter And Resting In The Shadow

Everyone recognizes there’s a difference between knowing what someone said and understanding what they meant.  Several times a day we come across situations where we have to decipher the meaning of what we have heard or read.  Here are some examples: “We will sell gasoline to anyone in a glass container.” “Students hate annoying professors.” “Happily theyContinue reading “Dwelling In The Shelter And Resting In The Shadow”

Liberation Day Is Coming (The Longest Day)

The Longest Day is an epic World War Two movie about the Normandy Invasion. Although it is cinematically and technologically dated by today’s standards, it was its generation’s Saving Private Ryan.  There’s a striking scene where the Allied forces begin shelling the French coastline in preparation for the beach assault. An older French couple live in one of theContinue reading “Liberation Day Is Coming (The Longest Day)”