I Fought The Law And Sin Won

Romans 7 is as difficult to grasp as Romans 6 is easy to understand. It would have been fine with me if Paul had gone straight from chapter 6 to chapter 8. But of course had he done that the first four verses of chapter 8 wouldn’t mean nearly as much as they do. It’sContinue reading “I Fought The Law And Sin Won”

Why Pray For Forgiveness?

If in Christ sins aren’t charged to our account (Romans 4:6-8,15,5:13), then why are disciples to ask for forgiveness?  It was Christ in the model prayer who told us to seek God’s forgiveness (Matthew 6:12), so it won’t do to say that this isn’t something we need to do. Yet at the same time, there isContinue reading “Why Pray For Forgiveness?”