The Return Of Jesus? (2)

Understanding that the language being used in Mark 13 is figurative rather than literal clears up a lot of confusion commonly associated with the chapter. It frees us up to move on to an examination of the central points of Jesus message. To set the scene, Mark shows us the disciples in awe over theContinue reading “The Return Of Jesus? (2)”


Approaching Romans Good News And Gratitude (1:18ff) Creation, Rebellion And Redemption (1:18ff, 8:19-2) The Flagship Nation And Oneness In Christ (2-3) Father Abraham (4) Gloriously Ever After (5:3) Life Assurance (5:8) Big Wheel, Little Wheel (5:15ff, 3:22-24) Wedding Vows And Baptism (6) Eight-Side Baptisteries And The Resurrection Of Jesus (6:4-5) I Fought The Law AndContinue reading “Romans”