What Bible Study Should Be

The Sadducees were sold on first five books of Scripture and found no resurrection there.  What they did find was the levirate marriage (Deuteronomy 25:5-10). In Matthew 22:23-33 their argument to Jesus pits potential circumstances created through application of this law with the resurrection (as they understood it). Their conclusion was that the resurrection was not possible—GodContinue reading “What Bible Study Should Be”

Set Aside

Jesus said in John 10:35 that the Scripture cannot be set aside. What did He mean by these words? It means the Scripture is true. When we examine the biblical witness in the context in which it was written, it is completely authentic, genuine and of absolute veracity. When Christ was confronted by the materialistic Sadducees and theirContinue reading “Set Aside”

Is it God’s will for you to read this? (1)

I attended an event where the audience was told that we were not there by accident, it was God’s plan for us to be there that evening. If by that they meant that God had given us the freedom to choose and we had chosen to be there, I would have agreed. But that’s not what was meant. WhatContinue reading “Is it God’s will for you to read this? (1)”