Jesus and Organized Religion (4)

There’s more to say from Matthew 23 concerning Jesus’ teaching about organized religion. These bullet points will give you a starting point for your own research and study. 3. Jesus was for humility and against pride. (v. 5-12) 4. He was against building walls and for building bridges. (v. 13-14) 5. He was against winning people toContinue reading “Jesus and Organized Religion (4)”

Grace and Community (1)

Luke recorded a parable by Jesus in 18:9-14 of his gospel. The story Jesus told was about two men in the temple and their approach God. The first man, a Pharisee, came before God reciting a checklist of all of the good things he had done. Interestingly, Christ never suggested that the man didn’t do the things of which heContinue reading “Grace and Community (1)”

Who Do You Think You Are (Revelation)

Flannery O’Connor wrote Revelation as she lay in a hospital bed dying from complications of lupus. Most of the story takes place in a doctor’s crowded waiting room where the central character (Mrs. Turpin) is there with her husband for his doctor’s appointment. As she chats with another lady who is there with her college-aged daughter, theContinue reading “Who Do You Think You Are (Revelation)”